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Emergency Call Systems

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The Emergency Call System consists of:

  • A base connected to the phone line
  • A pendant that hangs around your neck
  • A bracelet

Using the Emergency Call System is easy

  • When you need help, press the button on your pendant
  • It will telephone the emergency response operator
  • The operator will call you back to make sure the alarm was not a mistake
  • If you do not answer the phone, the operator calls the Ambulance and your emergency contacts

For more information call 372-6918 or Toll free at 866-644-6407.

On a cold December day, Roland Jackson walked down his driveway to his mailbox. He always walked to get the mail and never considered it to be any trouble. At 72 years old, he was in excellent health. He wasn't diabetic nor did he have high blood pressure. He still mowed his half-acre lot, tended his garden during the summer, took care of his late wife's roses, and completed the crossword puzzle in the paper every Sunday. His daughter, who lived a couple of miles down the road, visited him several times a week.

Roland flipped through the mail and thought about the leak under the bathroom sink that he planned to fix later that afternoon. He never saw the slick patch of ice on the sidewalk. As he lay on the cold ground, his first thought was that he would simply get up and be very bruised for several days. Ignoring the burning pain in his hip, he tried to stand but found he was unable to get up. He crawled slowly across the cold ground toward his house.

Cold and tired, Roland finally reached his front door, only to find he couldn't get it open. Exhausted, he waited for someone to come. Six cars and two hours later, a passerby happened to notice him lying on his front stoop. The Good Samaritan stopped and called 911. Roland was treated for severe hypothermia and a broken hip.

Luckily for Roland, help eventually came, but for many elderly Americans it either doesn't come or comes too late. Each year, 1/3 of those over the age of 65 fall. 20% - 30% of those who fall suffer moderate or severe injuries. The ECS (Emergency Call System) Program provides Emergency Call Systems on either a subsidized basis or a private pay basis. If an emergency situation arises, an Emergency Call System can summon the police, ambulance, or fire department at a touch of a button.

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