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Foster Grandparent

Foster GrandparentSince 1990 Foster Grandparents have brought joy and encouragement to children in Bartholomew, Brown, Decatur, Jackson and Jennings counties. The Foster Grandparent Program is part of Senior Corps under The Corporation for National & Community Service. The Program places adults 55 and older with children who need extra assistance.  Foster Grandparents receive a stipend, assistance with transportation, and the opportunity to be part of their community. Foster Grandparents volunteer in schools, Head Start facilities, and other community youth programs.

Benefits for Seniors

Benefits of the Foster Grandparent Program are priceless. The older adult finds a purpose in life and a reason to get up each day. Foster Grandparents soon realize that their years of knowledge and experience are needed and appreciated by their community. They become a vital part of the educational team by tutoring and mentoring. The time they devote leaves lasting impressions on the young lives they touch.

Take a glimpse at Effie's Image, an award-winning book about a woman's self-discovery as a Foster Grandparent! Click here to learn more about the author, N.L Wagner.

Foster GrandparentBenefits for Children

According to surveys conducted with members of the education community, children who are assigned to a Foster Grandparent show improvements in academic skills, social behavior skills, and self-esteem. The Foster Grandparents become positive role models for the children. Share your knowledge and they'll share their laughter. 

"I tried to tell Jan today but got all choked up. I really needed to have something to do, and this time at school with the kids really was great therapy for me. Thanks to both of you. I was about to ask the Dr. to help me out of the depression I was in. I have always been active working at something, even worked on my husbandís semi trucks with him and kept books for him, just all of a sudden no reason to get up and do. Now I have the kids at school to get me up and hopefully help them."
Thanks to both of you and God Bless,

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